Monday, August 24, 2009

Take It Easy and You Will Succeed.

Hey noobs!

So, after a whole week of hardcore nerding, do you feel like it's the end of the world? Do you feel like committing suicide? STOP! Don't do it just yet!

Have you been working out this week? Or having abs and muscles are what you have been longing for? I, the genius have the right solution just for you! Yes, YOU!

Wanan have a body like her?


Abs like his?

Haha. Just crapping though. To the retards, we will be having a stress relieving , BADMINTON session this saturday (29/8/09) from 10am-12pm. We meet at the usual badminton place.

Reminder : Please bring your racquets or you will be used as the net. LOL. Please bring ample cash $$$ or we will leave you there to wipe the floor.

This is who we should aspire to be. Not NERDS.

See you guys on saturday. Contact Dennis to confirm whether you are coming for this highly stress relieving activity. I need to start bury myself in books!

Signing off,


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