Friday, August 21, 2009

FrOm mE to yOu...

yea, YuXun, this is from my bottom of heart and is what i have said to them.. sorry, my "art" is not good at all… I have tried my best.. appreciate it. okay ? ^^

Ya, I really miss you.. I miss all the memories..
you’re the only one who always take care of me no matter what
and you are willing to do anything just for me no matter how I treat you .. Really thanks a lot...

I’m not willing to let u go…. Canada is too FAR too FAR and too FAR… Can u imagine how is my school’s life without you?
Oh no.. it is bad
… I can cry any time now just because I think of you… It is something uncontrollable… I have never tried before…. T.T

So~ ,
Call me whenever you're free...

++ this is my 1st time blogging, just for you ++ and i have succeeded...^^

Miss you, YuXun...

Mun Mun..

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