Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Special Post for a Special Someone =D

Yo noobies! I can't believe that i'm blogging right now! LOL.

Anyway this post isn't about me, it is about our dearest buddy who is leaving to canada today! YuXun, i lost my blogging virginity to you man! Wahaha. Aren't you proud of me? :D

Kay, cut the crap.

To our dearest YuXun, i hope you are reading this though. Sorry that me, zhenxuan and dangyao couldn't be there to see you off, but we wish you all the best too! We will miss you so much and i hope you do too. Not much crap to add on la, since i wrote everything in the book that the twins did specially for you.

Remember to call us all out when you're back in M'sia alright? And post something about yourself in this blog as soon as possible so the others know how you are doing in Canada. Once again, all the best and good luck!

Signing off,

JunYang :)

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