Thursday, August 27, 2009



Ladies and gentlemen, anyone interested in playing badminton on this coming saturday which is 29th of august. Please kindly edit this post and leave your name here. So that we can let Mr.Ng Jun Yang and Mr.Yew Zhen Xuan know that we have enough PLAYERS for at least 1 court.

So, tml's badminton will starts at 10am to 12pm. But i think not enough lar, so do you guys wanna change to 9am to 12pm? please gv me some replies~~
1.Dennis Choo Leng zai

2. Zhen Xuan the so called "LIN DAN(zero egg)"

3. Jun Yang - the badminton noob

4. Giselle Ho Chze Zheng

5. Black Ong Chang Meng

6. K17 Ngan Dang Yao

7. Sio Leng Hue - aunty hue!!

8. Mun Mun (written by zhenxuan.)

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