Monday, August 24, 2009


Bro, how are you? Miss you alot lar, seriously. Hope you contact us as fast as possible when you settled down at canada. I keep thinking the days we spent together, and the memories we had during duties, trips, outing and everything. Your leaving was like losing part of our life, so uncompleted.
*shit, sounds gay like broke back mountain.*

So guys, let me introduce my new pets!!
The crab with yellow back, WEIRDO-C
The lobster with small pincers, THINNY
The big ass crab, HUGGO
Met the first crabby with kainee, yongqing and chze zheng at IOI mall. Maybe we call this fate. Taking crabs and prawns as pet really not bad, easy to clean, and they don't make noise.
-Dennis, D24.
and so called FEI-PO.

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