Saturday, August 29, 2009


Let's starts this with my SEXY BACK. Woohoo, today was a great day, had great fun with the retards. This will be the last badminton day until the trials ends, which means the next badmionton day will be 1 month plus plus later. So, who ever missed this, you will regret when you see the pictures below, believe me~

Auntie Sio, you look extreamely fat in this picture~

Yea lar yea lar, tony leong also lose you

Darling, my darling~

It was his idea to take some pictures so that we can post it on blog. But i think the main point is to take some of his so called yeng pictures when playing badminton.

Looks like he has failed. =.=

Ming tien can't afford to hire you lor although you really talented..

5 ah pek, with a pot of 'hiong pien'. Pepok-ed for 3hours plus plus lor.

So sorry, when a bunch of malat lou is trying to camwhore, we were not as well as CHUA HUEY SHIN & CHUA HUEY IN <-- syok sendiri kaki

The camera man sucks, and the men and mun in the pic were sucks too.

(spot me... and chang meng..)

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