Thursday, September 3, 2009


(Song of the Day)

You're way too beautiful girl...

That's why it'll never work...

You have me suicidal, suicidal...

When you say it's over...


LOL. so i guess no one's gonna update the blog

since next week is our TRIAL for SPM...

Just to keep the blog alive..

Here are some unexposed photos.hehe..

No. 1 : THE ULTIMATE MAZE by Gathering 2008

unfortunately it ended up cancelled due to some
miscommunication between the teachers and the school guards.

No. 2 : THE ACT OF THEFT by LaLa Shin (after Gathering 2008)

hoho. she was caught stealing mop from PBSM


she even tried to hit the witness.. BRUTAL

The length of the mop is exactly her height.

No. 3 : ah.. finally..some random photos after gathering 2008


To all Temporary Nerds, all the best for trials..



Warning to the "arrogant" one, no editing my post. =)

Credits to:
Zhenxuan, The Noob.

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