Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Lai Yu Xun!

Wheeeeee!! :D :D

HAHAHAH! I bet you were thinking that I've forgotten about your birthday right Lai Yu Xun! Wheeee! HAHAHAH!

And, why you no show your birthday on Facebook?! Acting cool all now eh? Only I can, you are not allowed to act cool. Wheeee!! :D :D ahhaha!

Oh, one more thing, why you go work on your birthday?! D: You think you so cool now?! :D :D HAAHHAHA All right I'm just kidding. What was I supposed to say again? O.o

Oh wells, I forget. Anyways, HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY!! Wheeeeeee!! :D :D

P.S. Screw the time zone thingy. I don't know and I don't care. Heh heh! By the time you see this I guess it'll be your actual birthday already I guess?

Ong chang meng, this is how you do a video. HAHAHHAH! Wheeeee!! Okay byeeee! :D

Oh one last thing, miss you guys loads and please update :D :D

Leng Hue

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