Friday, January 8, 2010

Hey retarded people.This is Sio Leng Hue.haha.and it's the 1st time I'm blogging here. I have nothing to do until the 12th of January.That's my orientation day by the I'll just crap here since no one wants to keep this blog alive ookay?? kind I am. LOL. I've started crapping already. XD

oh okay. people. For your information if you don't know. I've switched course. not taking S.A.M. anymore but C.P.U instead which stands for Canadian Pre-U. You know what? in C.P.U. I'm going to take 3 subjects only in 1 semester.Which means it wouldn't be a hard life for me!! haha. I'm so happy :) oh. and I'll be taking

Eng 4 u
Advanced Functions

for the 1st semester.

and for the 2nd semester.

Calculus and Vectors
Challenge And Change in Society.

ah.I'm lazy to explain anymore here.If you want to know more just ask me.I'm off to watch tv now.haha. bye bye.

p.s. I miss you all alright. Let's go out next week okay? :)

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